The purpose of this site is to provide information and to inspire new thought. It has been created by friends from Christian Science churches throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area, and is intended for anyone who is looking for fresh food for thought. The site has four main areas:

The Sunday School area is kids talking to kids about God. Many young people have never been to Sunday School and may know nothing about God and His tender care for them. Many of them have never known of the wonderful lessons of the Bible which can be useful in every day life. Kids should have a place to share their experiences and tell their stories. Their healings are heartwarming for both young and old.

Business-size cards containing the address of this site are available that may be handed out to friends. If you would like to have some to give out, please e-mail your request to cards@csbayarea.com. In addition to the kids part of this site, there is an area where Sunday School teachers and superintendents have provided lesson plans and study topics which include helpful resources. These may be used not only for teachers but for parents as well.

Have you ever wondered what a Christian Science Reading Room is? Now is your chance. This area of the site lets the inquirer enter a Reading Room and look around. There is much more available in a physical Reading Room in the way of reading materials and bound volumes of periodicals, but a virtual Reading Room has it's place, being available to viewers who are at home and at their computers.

A listing of Christian Science church services, Reading Rooms and Sunday School classes in the greater San Francisco Bay Area are provided here.

This space includes events and information for all ages.